Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Burning Rome like Nero: Christmas Fireworks at the Coliseum by the Italian Burners

A Christmas Burn in Rome with fireworks by the Italian Burners!

Orseolo and friends organized last Friday an amazing party in Rome, and we had Italian Burners coming from all over Italy to celebrate a Burning Christmas together! Check out some pictures from the RED party, just click on the image to get to the proper photo album.

The party started at 8pm on a tram that normally hosts a restaurant - but we are burners, we prefer drinks and djs!!! So the Roman posse of Burning Man Italy rented the tram to go for a crazy ride across Rome, ended at the Celio Park, just behind the Coliseum, where the party grew, getting more and more people involved.

After a while, fireworks started - of course we had no permit to play fireworks in the center of town and next to the major Roman archaeological highlight, but one clever guy (aka Nutella) approached the Police and told them we were a group of co-workers from ATAC (the Roman tram company) who were celebrating Christmas, so we had an on-the-fly permission to launch the fireworks!!!

Here is a video of the fireworks performance - of course it was better live, but we want to share this moment with the rest of the Burning world....

Burning Christmas and a Flaming New Year from the Italian Burners!!!!


Anonymous said...

good job!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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