Saturday, December 15, 2007

I missed London Decompression 2007 =(

Damn, I travel too much, and I end up being on the other side of the world when I want to be somewhere else. Or to be in the right place, but at the wrong moment. As for London...

I was in London on November 15, for about a week. I spent 4 days in London, then rent a car to drive all the way South-West to Stonehenge, and then South to Portsmouth. Nice trip - a lot of rain, though... and when I tried to get in touch with my London campmates from Quixote Camp, I couldn't find anybody... =(
A couple of weeks later when I'm stuck somewhere else, all of my friends from Quixote, Nowhere, and some fellas from Burning Man Italy met in London for a fab London Decompression 2007 Party!

Here are some of my Euroburners friends such as Kittykaat, Claudi, Dario, Santi e Michael, cut'n'pasted in this photo composition from the amazing shots of NK Guy, who did a photo session at the London party, with great results. The pictures below and many more from NK Guy are available online at, of course in their full view.

Photo credits: PK Guy at

You all look good, fellas - keep burning!

Ok guys, I'll definitely make it for Decompression Paris in May, and of course for Nowhere 2008!

In the meanwhile, my wishes for a Burning Christmas, and a Flaming New Year to all of you!!! See you in 2008!


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