Monday, June 02, 2008

Ready for Nowhere 2008?

I'm very excited by the idea of going NOWHERE 2008 this year again, after exploring and starting connecting with the Euroburners at NOWHERE 2007 last year.

Actually, I can't wait to go back to NOWHERE this year, as I already paid a visit to Nowhereland a couple of weeks ago, a field survey to check out the new, ultra-secret site, as I'm planning a land art intervention for next month's event. Want to see the new site? Check out my video here below!!!

I also shot another video with the almost step by step info on how to get there, but the NOWHERE secret services caught me and forced me to agree on their paranoia not to share those info with non ticket-owners - which I can partially understand but.... what the hell, is this still Burning Man or is a spin-off of the Glastonbury Festival?

I thought the gift economy (in this case, sharing info and helping with driving directions), not to mention the radical creative self expression should grant me (and anybody else) the freedom of expression, right?

Wrong! I have been asked/forced to take the video down from YouTube (and the other 16 video sharing sites I uploaded it to) and I did, as this is meant not to be "publicly shared" - but this is my bloody blog and I take full responsibility and publishing autonomy here - so you know what?

If Burning Man and its community focus with the radical creative self expression is all going hell, then I still can appeal to the freedom of blogging and the Blogger Manifesto which, at point 4 states that "If you don't like what you see go somewhere else", reinforced by the statements at point 11 "I share what I want to share" and point 9 "You don't have to agree with everything I say", and the final cherry on the pie with the closing point 26 "I don't have to explain myself to you"!!!

Here is the banned video "How to get to NOWHERE 2008's new site" - enjoy!

See you all at NOWHERE 2008 this year!

Just remember that, even if you now know how to get there, there will be no tickets at the gate, so please go check the NOWHERE website for tickets and other information on how to participate to NOWHERE 2008!


Pasquale Borriello said...

Great videos & info about Nowhere 2008!

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