Saturday, October 04, 2008

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ready for Nowhere 2008?

I'm very excited by the idea of going NOWHERE 2008 this year again, after exploring and starting connecting with the Euroburners at NOWHERE 2007 last year.

Actually, I can't wait to go back to NOWHERE this year, as I already paid a visit to Nowhereland a couple of weeks ago, a field survey to check out the new, ultra-secret site, as I'm planning a land art intervention for next month's event. Want to see the new site? Check out my video here below!!!

I also shot another video with the almost step by step info on how to get there, but the NOWHERE secret services caught me and forced me to agree on their paranoia not to share those info with non ticket-owners - which I can partially understand but.... what the hell, is this still Burning Man or is a spin-off of the Glastonbury Festival?

I thought the gift economy (in this case, sharing info and helping with driving directions), not to mention the radical creative self expression should grant me (and anybody else) the freedom of expression, right?

Wrong! I have been asked/forced to take the video down from YouTube (and the other 16 video sharing sites I uploaded it to) and I did, as this is meant not to be "publicly shared" - but this is my bloody blog and I take full responsibility and publishing autonomy here - so you know what?

If Burning Man and its community focus with the radical creative self expression is all going hell, then I still can appeal to the freedom of blogging and the Blogger Manifesto which, at point 4 states that "If you don't like what you see go somewhere else", reinforced by the statements at point 11 "I share what I want to share" and point 9 "You don't have to agree with everything I say", and the final cherry on the pie with the closing point 26 "I don't have to explain myself to you"!!!

Here is the banned video "How to get to NOWHERE 2008's new site" - enjoy!

See you all at NOWHERE 2008 this year!

Just remember that, even if you now know how to get there, there will be no tickets at the gate, so please go check the NOWHERE website for tickets and other information on how to participate to NOWHERE 2008!
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Burning Rome like Nero: Christmas Fireworks at the Coliseum by the Italian Burners

A Christmas Burn in Rome with fireworks by the Italian Burners!

Orseolo and friends organized last Friday an amazing party in Rome, and we had Italian Burners coming from all over Italy to celebrate a Burning Christmas together! Check out some pictures from the RED party, just click on the image to get to the proper photo album.

The party started at 8pm on a tram that normally hosts a restaurant - but we are burners, we prefer drinks and djs!!! So the Roman posse of Burning Man Italy rented the tram to go for a crazy ride across Rome, ended at the Celio Park, just behind the Coliseum, where the party grew, getting more and more people involved.

After a while, fireworks started - of course we had no permit to play fireworks in the center of town and next to the major Roman archaeological highlight, but one clever guy (aka Nutella) approached the Police and told them we were a group of co-workers from ATAC (the Roman tram company) who were celebrating Christmas, so we had an on-the-fly permission to launch the fireworks!!!

Here is a video of the fireworks performance - of course it was better live, but we want to share this moment with the rest of the Burning world....

Burning Christmas and a Flaming New Year from the Italian Burners!!!!
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I missed London Decompression 2007 =(

Damn, I travel too much, and I end up being on the other side of the world when I want to be somewhere else. Or to be in the right place, but at the wrong moment. As for London...

I was in London on November 15, for about a week. I spent 4 days in London, then rent a car to drive all the way South-West to Stonehenge, and then South to Portsmouth. Nice trip - a lot of rain, though... and when I tried to get in touch with my London campmates from Quixote Camp, I couldn't find anybody... =(
A couple of weeks later when I'm stuck somewhere else, all of my friends from Quixote, Nowhere, and some fellas from Burning Man Italy met in London for a fab London Decompression 2007 Party!

Here are some of my Euroburners friends such as Kittykaat, Claudi, Dario, Santi e Michael, cut'n'pasted in this photo composition from the amazing shots of NK Guy, who did a photo session at the London party, with great results. The pictures below and many more from NK Guy are available online at, of course in their full view.

Photo credits: PK Guy at

You all look good, fellas - keep burning!

Ok guys, I'll definitely make it for Decompression Paris in May, and of course for Nowhere 2008!

In the meanwhile, my wishes for a Burning Christmas, and a Flaming New Year to all of you!!! See you in 2008!
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Black Rock City, Nevada 89412 - Google Maps!!!

Did you know that Black Rock City actually has a post office?

Burning Man IS a real city, not an Utopian place, and its zip code is 89412!!! If you look for it on Google Maps, you can even spot Black Rock City's location, but you have to zoom in and look very carefully to spot it.

This is how the Playa looks like from above with Google Maps, and a decent zoom - it was not easy to spot the exact location in the area, I had to beat the map almost inch by inch to find Black Rock City!!!

Then you give the zoom a last click, et voila' - ladies and gentlemen, geniouses and weirdos, here is Black Rock City in all its airview splendor!

You actually get two Black Rock Cities in one shot - the South-western one is the previous location of Black Rock City, up to Burning Man 2004. From Burning Man 2005 on the site moved a little bit up, as you can see.

You can zoom in a lot, and explore Black Rock City - this one below is a nice view from above centered at Center Camp, with the Esplanade and all. You can zoom in upo to see the flags!

This definitely is Burning Man 2006, with the rotating Man and the Maze below, you can see it clearly if you zoom your way up to pay the Man a visit - but the deep zoom doesn't have a good quality, I'm afraid. Here is another nice shot from above.

Now you can ask Google Maps driving directions straight to Center Camp! Don't come saying you got lost... in this case you need this map! =)

View Larger Map on Google Maps
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My Burning Man 2007 videos on

Here we go, it took a long time to upload them all (and I still have plenty to upload), but you can start browsing them from here =)

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Quixote Cabaret Camp and Green Man Pub

It was inevitable - after hanging out with the Euroburners at Nowhere 2007 I ended up camping this year with the Euroburners. Well, after all, I'm European too, and a burner! I guess this makes me an Euroburner too...

It really has been a chance, my friend Paul decided not to set up the Hammock Hangout this year, Flaming Lotus Girls were too tired from an entire year traveling the world with the Serpent Mother and the Hand of God, and decided to just hang out this year, with no big artwork commitment. At the same time, I was hooked with the Euroburners newsletters, reading about these Eurofellas actually setting up a nice thing: the Green Man Pub!

I couldn't resist so I got in touch to join the Quixote Cabaret Camp, and I really had a great time. I have also met great people that now belong to my Burning Man family, with which I hope I'll be doing more stuff, starting with Nowhere 2008, for example!

Yes I had some scratches with a couple of campmates - it never happened to me before on the Playa, but I know this is pretty normal, and it happens all the time at all BM camps. Hey, screw that! I really enjoyed my campmates, and I had a great time!

Here are some pictures of my campmates, and some Euroburners friends and Green Man Pub guests - click on any image to be magically teleported on, where I created a Quixote Cabaret Camp and Green Man Pub dedicated photo collection!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Burning Man 2007 pictures on

Check out the 8-set, thousand pictures collection of Burning Man 2007 pictures I created online to share my Playa shots.

I also prepared this Euroburners photo collection for my campmates at the Quixote Cabaret Camp & Green Man Pub.

Enjoy Burningmax's Burning Man pictures!
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