Thursday, September 27, 2007

Quixote Cabaret Camp and Green Man Pub

It was inevitable - after hanging out with the Euroburners at Nowhere 2007 I ended up camping this year with the Euroburners. Well, after all, I'm European too, and a burner! I guess this makes me an Euroburner too...

It really has been a chance, my friend Paul decided not to set up the Hammock Hangout this year, Flaming Lotus Girls were too tired from an entire year traveling the world with the Serpent Mother and the Hand of God, and decided to just hang out this year, with no big artwork commitment. At the same time, I was hooked with the Euroburners newsletters, reading about these Eurofellas actually setting up a nice thing: the Green Man Pub!

I couldn't resist so I got in touch to join the Quixote Cabaret Camp, and I really had a great time. I have also met great people that now belong to my Burning Man family, with which I hope I'll be doing more stuff, starting with Nowhere 2008, for example!

Yes I had some scratches with a couple of campmates - it never happened to me before on the Playa, but I know this is pretty normal, and it happens all the time at all BM camps. Hey, screw that! I really enjoyed my campmates, and I had a great time!

Here are some pictures of my campmates, and some Euroburners friends and Green Man Pub guests - click on any image to be magically teleported on, where I created a Quixote Cabaret Camp and Green Man Pub dedicated photo collection!


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