Friday, July 20, 2007

NOWHERE 2007 Google Maps!

After several summers spent in California, this year I finally managed to spend a beautiful European summer, hanging out in Italy, France and Spain - and of course, since I was around, I couldn't miss NOWHERE, the European Burning Man event managed by the crazy posse of the Euroburners, with which I finally hooked up after many BM connections in California and United States.

NOWHERE rocks. There are a lot of rocks, too... NO WHERE, NOW HERE, NOWHERE. The place really is in the middle of nowhere, check out the Google Map here below...

OK, that was a joke, but to an extend... as a matter of fact, this other map here below is exactly the same map, only that I switched from "satellite view" to "map view" using the tab on the map - try on your own, you'll see...

Still looks like in the middle of nowhere? Of course, what were you expecting? The difference with the US nowhereness of Black Rock City is that while the European burn camp really is isolated, you can drive just 12 km (less then 10 miles) to get to small villages with pretty much everything you need. Yes, at Nowhere decommodification still is up, and still there are dust storms, but how about diving in the river nearby during the peek heat hours?

I really loved NOWHERE, and also the people that I've met, coming from all over Europe, some of them also from the US, including Burning Man Vip celebrity $teven Ra$pa! Of course I will return to Nowhere in 2008...

If you look at the map below, you will realize how central Nowhere is in Europe - North of Zaragoza, easy access and driving distance from Spain, France, Switzerland - and cheap flights from Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK and all over, I flew Ryanair to Zaragoza from Rome with just 48 Euro total (60 bucks)!

Click for a larger map on Google Maps

Now that you know where Nowhere and Nowhereland are there are no more excuses - get your Nowhere 2008 tickets at and stay tuned with the Euroburners site!