Sunday, October 08, 2006

All my pictures from Burning Man 2006!

Here are all my pictures from Burning Man 2006, as usual arranged within several photo albums. This year it has been a weird year, after the intensive commitment of last year with the Hammock Hangout.

I believe this has been the first year where I could have just hang out with no much camp responsibilities. I parked my RV at the crazy camp of the Pirates of the Playa, a bunch of cool local people from Nevada who cruise the Playa with a pirate boat where they often perform bondage sessions!

Also, this has been the year where I catch up with Flaming Lotus Girls, the mythic metal-fire collective who amazed everybody this year with the Serpent Mother. I stayed with FLG for four days after burning Man, helping them tearing down and pack up the huge Serpent Mother, but also de-dusting and chilling at the Trego desert hot springs, and poolside in Reno sipping margaritas! Flaming Lotus Grrrrrls rock!

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